What is ma-foto?

Hobby photographer Mattias Åström ran ma-foto as a company under 7 years, but on his own will, the company was ended and changed to a hobby activity in spring 2016. I mostly photograph nature, concerts, nude photography and people. Several of the sessions have an artistic element and a deeper purpose. I promote beginners and amateurs and no earlier experience is required to participate. You just have to be comfortable in the performance, purpose and values ​​of the sessions. It does not matter if you are male, female or other. All it takes is that you want to be in front of the camera.

Who is Mattias?

My name is Mattias Åström and photography is something that goes way back in the family. My grandparents photographed and my grandmother worked as a retoucher at the old good times when a picture was a real picture and not a digital file. My dad photographed and created photos in a darkroom so its not so weird that I love photography. I have no college education in photography but have read a lot of books on the subject and are selftaught.

For almost seven years, I ran ma-foto as a company, but since March of 2016 I chosed to end the business and NOT offer any photographic services for payment. The reason is simple. I'd rather photograph what I personally like and feel is important and not what gives money.

I have three favorite motives. Animals and Nature, Nude Photography and Concert Photography. For me it's about catching what I think is beautiful and important to document. It does not mean that what's not on the website is not important but somewhere you have to set your own limits. As for the people I photograph, it's important for me that it's a person behind the looks with own, personal thoughts and ideas and a story of their own to tell. I am therefore not interested in merely highlighting "models".

According to that I must mentioning my open mind and interest in nudity. I think that too many have a skew, condemnation thinking of nudity, the most natural and common we all have. I see all the forms of the human body as something beautiful and not only sensual and erotic. So many of my photos and ideas contains naked content. Feel free to ask me if you want to know more.

But back to me. I live in a relationship and have two children who grows up too fast. I try to photograph as often as I get the chance and have the camera with me. I'm constantly looking for more people who want to participate in my photos. I have learned that the models I'm looking for is casual people who are proud of their gender regardless of gender, sexual orientation, social background, work, economy, religion, weight, color, etc. I would like to start thoughts and opinions with my pictures and give an "aha-experience" and an alternative thinking.

I want to capture the diversity, and promote the ordinary person, it's really my main purpose. I would like to see a more inexperienced model, which may differ from the amount of media's image of beauty. Why limit yourself when photographing anyone who really wants and loves to stand in front of the camera regardless of gender, sexual orientation, appearance, cultural and social background.

I also want to promote the natural and therefore deliberately have a limited editing of images I photograph. I adjust light, colors, etc. but does NOT change the body shape or make "interference" in appearance. Then it may be fun to try editing in Photoshop to gilden nature or maybe create a fantasy world.

And now?

Feel free to check out my homepage and pictures. Use translate to learn more of me and my pictures, but remember it dosent translate 100% rightfully. Dont be affraid to contact me if you wanna ask me something or join a session. Its esiest to contact me on following sites.....

Facebook: mafotostudios

Instagram: mafoto.se

Kik: mafoto

mail: mattias@ma-foto.se

You can find me on most social medias concerning pictures and photos. Just use mafoto or mafotostudios in the search field.