This is an international project with the purpose to create a book like 101 Vaginas but in another angle.

Background: Nothing is as charged and sensitive as the female genitals. In many cultures, it is both sacred and at the same time something we do not talk loudly about. Sometimes it is hailed, sometimes mocked, sometimes used to its will and to accommodate mostly men, but also other women.There are many movements and artists who fight for the free right to their body, such as Pussy Riot, Free the nipple and 101 Vaginas, Blood-Art and many more. Movements to show that the body and all it functions are natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

I mean that the woman's genital organs are the cradle of life. The woman stands for life and hope. There is nothing that is disgusting and wrong in being a woman and having a pussy. You should be proud.

Purpose: I think all people are unique and that all women are individuals but have similarities in their differences. The very basic idea of this project is just to show the diversity of gender that exists. All beautiful shapes, with hair and without. Dark or bright. Big or smal, young and old. But even if everyone is different, everyone is equal regardless of age, culture, religion and so on. An exciting thought is that when we only see a pussy we can never say descent, culture, religion, whether rich or poor, thick or narrow, healthy or ill.

Now take the opportunity to join and change the world and stand up for acceptance to the woman's genitals, the cradle of life.


1. Think about it for a few days, if you really wanna do this? Ofcourse you are totaly protected and anonymous in the book.

2. If you feel this is the right thing. Please do following:

3. Take 2-4 pictures of your vagina, pretty straight forward - Make sure you have good light, focus and I prefer pictures taken with a camera less than a mobile (But mobile could work if its newer than 2016). No fingers, dildos or other things in the picture, This is not porn. Its political art!

4. Send the pictures unedited to mattias@ma-foto.se with your name (can be madeup), country, age and a little text why you think this matters or your personal thought about the vagina? Favorite cuotes will be printed in the book. Let the subject in the mail be: Pussy Power.

Thanks for beeing a part of this and please contact us for info or questions.

Example of angle and stile: